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I am a student living in New York City but I hail from Indiana – a born and raised Midwestern girl. Currently, I’m studying journalism and art history at NYU but I have no clue what that means for life post-graduation. I find so many paths are interesting in their own right – I don’t know which to choose. One day at a time right?

The Arts have always held an interest for me. While at North Central High School in Indianapolis I completed an International Baccalaureate diploma with a focus in 2D Studio Art. Personally, I especially enjoy photography and am thinking of specializing in photojournalism in college. Maybe I’ll just take a class though. Last year I interned for the Performing Arts Curator at the Chelsea Art Museum which was an amazing experience. I planned concerts, met talented musicians, and learned the ins and outs of a small gallery/museum.

Journalism is a new passion. I’ve always loved writing and journalism seems like a natural progression from that fact. It’s fascinating that journalism is forever changing – not just the news itself, but also our own cultural lenses and the journalistic mediums as well.

I’ve also always been interested in fashion. What better place to be than New York City? At NYU, I am the PR Director for the Fashion Business Association. FBA prepares its members for jobs in the industry by providing contacts and internship opportunities. We also organize and produce a biannual fashion show for students and locals alike.

This city has so many amazing opportunities for every field of study, every road of life, it’s hard to pick just one. Maybe I’ll just move back home, marry rich, and be content with four kids. Joking.

Check out my art and fashion blog: Flowers of Disillusion.


One response to “About The Author

  1. Paul Freiberger

    I read your piece on Hector Feliciano. Hector and I went to college together and we lost touch some years back. Would you suggest how I can get in touch with him. Feel free to give him my email address if you are uncomfortable passing on his to me.
    You did a nice job in your piece. Hector was already an amazing fellow as a college student. One of the most amazing fellows I’ve ever met.
    Good luck to you!
    Paul Freiberger

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