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One Morning with the Stylish Janice Chou

By Anne Johnson

NEW YORK CITY – Janice Chou is a master at multi-tasking. Walking in to the StyleCaster.com studio on West 27th Street, the 22-yr-old is in her element. This particular Friday morning in April, the recent college graduate is working with the website’s high-tech 360-degree green screen. Here, featured looks by guest stylists are photographed while a model spins around on a circular platform.

Chou’s title at StyleCaster.com may read Fashion Assistant, but it is clear that she does much more than organize a closet full of pretty clothes. Working at a fledgling website, Chou has expanded her role in the studio to include her own fashion news column and a series of do-it-yourself video blogs. In between photographing looks on the green screen, she interviews the makeup and hair stylists for video blogs.

The Brooklyn-based NYU alum describes her work for the website saying, “I do a little of everything.” However, writing is where her heart is and her column for the site, “Young Blood”, is the beating center. In this lifestyle blog, Chou focuses on her love of music, covering album releases, concert details, and general news from the music world.

Chou is deeply dedicated to her work at StyleCaster. She is unperturbed by the characteristic long hours of the fashion industry and that of a young company. “We are here from 10 a.m. to whenever the work is done,” she explains.

The work and dedication seems to be paying off. Since it’s private launch in January, StyleCaster.com has attracted thousands of fans. Part news room, part shopping center, part online community, StyleCaster.com offers a one-stop site for fashion lovers across the globe. “We are trying to think outside of a set community,” explains Chou, “we are catering to the prep, the hipster, and everyone in between.”

After answering a few questions, she is busy again: fixing a problem with the green screen, editing a video blog of an interview with the makeup artist, and securing the model’s belt that keeps slipping off of her spindly frame. It never seems to end. By noon, 11 looks have been photographed and catalogued, only 64 to go for today. Later in the day, she will work on her column, switching her focus from fashion to music and the Death Cab for Cutie new release. But right now, it is just time for lunch.